About Temperatek

Simply the smartest heated apparel ever made, Temperatek uses cutting edge heating technology using proprietary Graphene solutions to create uniform heating. We formulated our own unique heated textile that is coil less, wireless, washable, lightweight, thin, flexible, heats to 110 degrees and uses low battery power. We created an on the go system to keep you warm with our Hoodies, Joggers, Scarves and blankets that never goes out of style.

Creating a uniformly heated product that is not in patches, Temperatek is advancing the way we think about heated apparel. With a background in wearable technology and bio medical soft good design, Temperatek is aimed at helping people stay warm and dry all winter long. Temperatek apparel is a great way to keep your loved ones warm this winter, weather your at home or on the go. Our products are sustainable and long lasting, we use cotton and organic cottons that are sustainably sourced and our production means are ethical. This means that both our fabrics and our products are produced with the planet and humans in mind to create longevity and sustainability within our industry.

We are Fashion Designers who believe in Sustainability and Inclusivity. Our sizes are Unisex and Made for All. Support Made in America and Sustainability with every Temperatek purchase.