Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Graphene?

Graphene is a non toxic nano particle that comes from reducing graphite. Graphite can be found in everyday life in #2 pencils.

Q. Is your heated system safe?

Yes. Our hardware and batteries are CPSC certified and we undergo an extensive testing process to ensure our products are safe. Our paint is also formulated to be completely safe for both the consumer and your washing machine.

Q. How long does a rechargeable battery pack last?

A: One fully-charged Temperatek rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 5 hours on the LOW setting and up to 1.5 hours on the HIGH setting. Consider buying an additional rechargeable battery pack to extend total warming duration throughout cold days! It takes about 3 hours to charge up a flat battery pack.

Q. Where do I attach the battery pack?

A: Unzip the side seam pocket of the garment or blanket. Open the zipper all the way and feel down inside for the connector plug. Plug the connector plug into battery pack.

Q. How do I adjust the heating level?

A: When the controller and battery pack are connected, press the button on the controller to adjust the heat level. Hold and Press for 3 seconds for HIGH level, press again to lower the heat as per the diagram on the instructions page.

Q. What are the special care and washing instructions for the Temperatek garment?

A: The heated garments and heated blankets can be machine washed and should last about 50 washes. Before washing, ensure you remove the battery pack and re zip the side seam pocket with the DC cord inside. Machine wash Cold on Gentle Cycle and Hang or Flat Dry the garments or blankets. Do not use harsh detergents including powered detergents, bleach or fabric

Q. Where do I get additional rechargeable battery packs?

A: Buy an extra rechargeable battery pack to extend total warming duration throughout cold days! An extra rechargeable battery pack and charger costs $45.00 (including shipping/handling).

Q. What is so special about the rechargeable battery packs?

A. The Temperatek rechargeable battery packs are quite unique in the field of heated apparel are light weight and are CPSC certified.

Q. What if my Temperatek garment doesn’t get warm?

A. Follow the 4 steps below:

1. Wait a few minutes to feel the warmth. The Temperatek garment produces a gentle warmth not a sudden burst of heat.

2. Check the Temperatek garment plug is connected to the charged Battery Pack.

3. If you are using a rechargeable battery pack, ensure it is charged by plugging the rechargeable Battery Pack into the Charger in a wall outlet. If there is a red light on the Battery Pack, it needs charging. It is fully charged when a green light is “ON”.

4. Ensure BOTH the controller plug and socket are securely connected to the garment plug and socket. (If only the controller plug is connected, the controller light may illuminate but no power may be going to the heating elements in your garment.)